GREECE: Progress & New Developments in NPL Investing

The global Debt Business Online Forum Series


These distinguished market leaders will be discussing the "Progress & New Developments in NPL Investing Greece

➠ How has the ongoing pandemic affected the inflows of Greek #NPLs​?

➠ Developments in the Greek #banking​ sector, changes in #legal​ framework and analysis on what can be expected in the coming year

➠ Progress of designing a #BadBank​, in order to handle large volumes of new NPLs, and much more.

Moderated by Martin Bartlam, DLA Piper

Akis Bis, Intrum Investments

Madeleine Horrocks, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Dimitris Kanellopoulos, ATTICA BANK

Fotis Kourmousis, Special Secretariat for Private Debt Management


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