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Published - November 2020 Vol. 1

In October, China’s banking regulator announced its approval for more than USD 250 billion of NPL disposals in the fourth quarter of 2020 alone. Entering next year, we expect further regulatory guidance to encourage foreign investment as China seeks external capital and expertise.

It was not widely noticed how Greece managed extremely well the early phase of the Covid-19 crisis. The odds were against the country as it came out of a decade-long debt crisis. Nevertheless, the government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis acted very swiftly on early signs of the...

Published - November 2020 Vol. 1

DDC Financial Group recently hosted its NPL Investing & Management: Greece event. With the management of NPLs continuing to be high on the agenda within the framework of Greece and Cyprus’ ongoing economic recovery, the virtual conference provided an in-depth look at recent developments in...

Of these, 65% - 70% will come from securitizations, while the remaining 30% - 35% from liquidations and write-offs of loans, leading to a single-digit level the NPE index at the end of the period. The data was presented by the CEO of doValue and President of EDADP Mr. Tassos Panousis, speaking recently...

Beyond a devastating human toll, the pandemic has severely impacted the U.S. economy resulting in unprecedented Government intervention and significant uncertainty for consumers, businesses and investors.

Non-performing loans and the global debt economy

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